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BOLD'R Besties No. 1

BOLD'R Besties No. 1

BOLD'r Besties are each unique one of a kind rock pals that are brought to life by nature and artist Angie Mason. Found on various travels and hikes in nature Angie has gathered her favorites together to bring them to you to put a smile on your face and brighten your day!Hand embellished using minimal paint varnish and dremel to bring out the unique character of each BOLD'r Besties! Each is numbered and signed on the back . Each BOLD'r Besties comes signed and numbered with a certificate blind embossed numbered collectors card.
No. 1 - A sweet little Bold'r Bestie found in northern New Jersey.

A SOLID Friendship awaits! GET ONE TODAY!

BOLD'r BESTIES come in Small - Medium or Large based on pricing indicates size.
S: $10 M: $20 L: $30